7 Wins; 2 Losses; 1 Tie.  A good record, yes, but not a record that affirms or implies a team for the ages.  Those numbers are more "great job, be proud" kind of numbers.  Yet the record fails to begin to suggest what took place over that historic autumn of 1967 or the legendary heights you scaled.


What took place was a willed meshing of talent and selfless dedication to each other, the giving of all you had within you to give game after game.  During that memorable season, your team was a magic incarnation of the most truthful and inspiring halftime speeches ever made and never made.   

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Truth and Inspiration were the twin bedrocks of Dee Andros' teams back in the day.  You guys exemplified what belief, unrelenting hard work, and talent could achieve in the face of hopeless odds.  Dee scorned the odds, you scorned the odds, and you coupled your hearts and minds to trample the odds.


What you achieved and how you achieved it (five-some decades ago) were the deliberate offspring of a certain kind of man, Dee Andros, and the kind of men who coached with him.  As a result, you grew and matured into a daunting force of brothers who shared a bond that is undiminished and timeless. 

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These full-game videos of 6 of OSU's 10 games in 1967 began life as 16mm films shot so the coaching staff could critique and evaluate how players played.  Thanks to Bill Main, I was able to acquire them (or VHS versions of them) from some of you back in 2002-03 when I was revving up.

The films were then "digitized."  I figured out how to digitize the tapes myself.  It was quite a learning curve.  At any rate, much of what Oregon State now holds on the shelves of its 1967 archives has come from our efforts to find and convert films and tapes.  Applaud if you must.  

That said, we keep trying to come up with the missing four games from '67.  Not going to happen, we think.  But thanks to Bob Blackburn's son, we have been able to obtain Bob's radio play-by-play for as much of the USC game as there is. We are very grateful to Bob, Jr.  Thank you again, Bob.

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If not for Mike Dicianna, OSU Archives (and Archives guru), we wouldn't have 4 of the 7 game programs or any of the post-game stat reports or a number of vintage photos.  Of course, it was Scott Spiegelberg (OSU guru in general) who got Mike and me buddied up.  Spiegelberg strikes again.


FYI: there are VIDEO / PROGRAM / REPORT text links for each of the 10 games on the schedule.  White text means that particular item is not available.  Gold text means that particular item does exist and is available so feel free to click (or tap) said link.  As a bonus, all your dreams will come true.  

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A saying we so often hear is that "numbers don't lie."  Really?  In fact, numbers alone furnish no context, thus, how can numbers alone convey a truthful story?  Your '67 season is a classic refutation of the adage that numbers don't lie.  They may not "lie" but they rarely don't obscure the story of their birth.

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