An EVENT is either (1) a reunion or (2) an occasion that isn't a reunion.  So, for instance, a memorial service is not "reunion" per se although it does draw you guys together face to face.  Note: if you do have get-togethers and you'd like me to do a write-up and post photos here, let Billy or me know.

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Back in 2003, Bob Jossis sent me the 1996 video of the Dee Andros Reunion shot in a format called VHS.   Of course, I then had to digitize the VHS tape so I could edit the footage.  Not much can be done to improve how it looks.  In this case, you'll note the bar of visual "static" across the screen.


Fast Forward.  The memorial service for Dee and memorial service for Bill Enyart were shot in up-to-date formats (digital) so they were not nearly as much of a challenge for me to work with.  My thanks to who shot each of these two events. I hope I was able to improve the end result to some degree. 

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Our guess is, there are many more video bits and pieces "out there" that would make sense to include here on the Events page or the Archives page.  I'm happy to include them if you guys give me a heads-up on where such videos might be lurking.  And don't forget to check your basement or attic, etc. 

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